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        Enterprise the advantages of online promotion site

        Propaganda is a multi-dimensional publicity
        The traditional media is two-dimensional network publicity is multidimensional, it can be text, image and sound organic combination together, to pass a multi-sensory information for customers such as immersive feel the goods or services. So that consumers can experience the products, services and brands. This picture, text, sound, like a combination of forms of propaganda, and enhance the effectiveness of network publicity.
        Propaganda has the most dynamic consumer groups
        70.54% of Internet users concentrated in the economically more developed regions, 64 percent of families with per capita monthly income higher than 1000 yuan, 85.8% aged between 18 and 35 years old, 83% had a college education. Therefore, the target group of the network publicity is the community the highest level, the highest income, the highest spending power of the most dynamic consumer groups. The total amount of spending in this group is often greater than the sum of the other consumer level.
        Propaganda low production cost, fast, flexible to change
        Propaganda short production cycles, even in a short period of delivery, but also according to customer needs quickly to complete the production, the high cost of traditional media productions and put in a fixed cycle. In addition, in the traditional media to do it very difficult to change even if it can change often required to pay a high economic cost of the publicity release. Advertise on the Internet in accordance with customer needs in a timely manner to change the promotional content. Thus, changes in business decision-making will be able to timely implementation and promotion.
        Network to disseminate interactive and depth
        The strong interaction is the biggest advantage of the Internet media, it is different from the one-way propagation of traditional media, but the information on interactive communication. Through the link, users simply click the mouse, you can get more and more detailed information from the vendor's site. In addition, users can directly through the network to fill in and submit the online form information, manufacturers can have ready access to valuable user feedback to further reduce the distance between the user and publicity customers. At the same time, the network information can provide further inquiry needs.
        The network publicity to improve the statistical
        "Things can not be measured can not be managed." Propaganda through timely and accurate statistical mechanism, enables the user to direct the release of information on-line monitoring. And the dissemination of information in the form not accurate ratings, circulation to the statistics put the number of audience.
        Propaganda can track and measure the publicity effect
        Users through the Internet real-time measure of the effect of publicity. Monitor publicity page views, click-through rate and other indicators, the user statistics of how many people saw the release of information, including how many people are interested in the information released thus further understanding of the detailed information of the information. Compared to any other publicity, the network information so that users are better able to track the audience's reaction, to keep abreast of the situation of users and potential users.
        Propaganda put more targeted
        By providing many free services, the site in general can create a complete user database, including the user's geographical distribution, age, gender, income, occupation, marital status, hobbies and so on. Such information can help users to analyze markets and audiences, according to the characteristics of information to target audiences, and carry out information dissemination, and for fixed-point delivery and tracking analysis based on user characteristics, and put in effect to make objective and accurate evaluation.
        In addition, the network information can also provide a targeted environment. A different site or the services provided by the different channels of the same site different quality with strong class, respectively, which provides the possibility to close to meet the user's interest.
        Network publicity audience concerned about the high
        According to statistics, the TV does not focus people's attention, the television audience of 40% at the same time in reading, 21 percent of the people at the same time doing housework, 13% of people eating and drinking, 12 per cent of people enjoying it matter, 10% in cooking, 9% in writing, 8 percent on the phone. 55% online users in the use of computer makes no matter, only 6% while on the phone, only 5% of food, drink, and only 4 percent in writing.
        Network publicity shorten the process of media placement
        Users of traditional media marketing efforts generally go through three stages: market development period, the market consolidation of market maintenance period. In all three phases, firms should first obtain the attention, the creation of brand awareness; to obtain preliminary information on the brand in the consumer, to promote a more detailed product information. Then there is a strong link between the establishment and consumers to build brand loyalty. The merger of the Internet in these three phases the release of information: Consumers see the network publicity, click for more information and fill out the user information or participate directly in the market activities of the user or even directly in the implementation of the purchasing behavior.
        Propaganda spread wide, free from the constraints of time
        Through the Internet, the network information 24 hours a day spread to every corner of the world. Have access to the Internet, anyone, anywhere can read. This is the traditional media can not be achieved.
        Propaganda has repeatability and can be retrieved
        Propaganda can be text, voice, picture perfect combination for the user to take the initiative to search, repeat viewing. Compared to the TV is to enable users to passively accept the propaganda content. If you miss the promotional time, you can not get information. In addition, it is evident, the search plane publicity publicity compared to the network to retrieve time-consuming, cumbersome multi-
        Propaganda has a price advantage
        From price considerations, compared with newspapers and magazines or TV, the network publicity costs still relatively cheap. Receive the same publicity effect, the effective cost per thousand of the network publicity is far lower than traditional advertising media. A publicity Home-year costs roughly a few thousand yuan, and home page content can be changed at any time with the change of business decision-making, traditional advertising media can not imagine. Propaganda will be the essential and efficient way of corporate marketing.
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